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Introduction: March begins next week, and I hope it’s an improvement over January and February, which were sucky – but I expect problems will only get worse.


When I called, she got on the phone and wailed, “Richard, we lost Grandpa.” And she said, “He hoped he would see you again.” Oh, I feel awful. It was selfish of me not to go to see him then and it’s awful of me not to go to his funeral.

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The lifeguard must have noted the stricken look on my face as she readied herself to save a couple of idiot kids who couldn’t tell the deep-end from the shallows. But low and behold, they popped back up and quickly stroked their way to the side of the pool. They could swim? When the hell did that happen? I hadn’t been looking, and there they were, teaching themselves to swim.

Then it was summer. We had closed the business accounts and wrapped up what we could before our accounting year-end. The summer was ours. It had been years since I have spent the summer with Lars and Sophie. And I’m not going to lie, it was strange. What would I do? How could I fill the day without working a ten-hour shift? There I was with these two young individuals who were teeming with the exhilaration, and I was at a loss.

I won’t forget you or the stories you told me about your parents. I don’t know if you’d approve of all I’m going to do, of all that I am, but if you were ever disappointed in me, you never said so. You were a man who counted his blessings.

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