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Area:English dialogue,English subtitles


Starring:Allyse Alexus Aldwin 

updated time:2021-09-21

Introduction: 3 PM. “Everything’s going wrong,” Dad sighed a few minutes ago. I had called him about an hour ago to see if he could take Selma and me to school tomorrow. He just phoned, saying he might not be able to, for Mom may have to go to New York.


Mom got on and said the rabbi’s sermon caught Grandpa Herb just the way he was. Since Jeffrey wanted to take a look at the body, Mom also decided to, and was pleased because Grandpa looked so well.

Sometimes I think my weekends in bed aren’t just sloth but that I’m developing ideas for my writing and other projects. I hope so.

All things considered, today went okay. I got my IRS refund and a paltry 5 from Travelers dental insurance – less than half what my caps cost. I had a good class discussion tonight and managed not to get really upset.

Our team will be working on more!

Dad and Marc are at the flea market and I have to go to that stupid P’an Ku meeting. I tried to call Wendy in Philadelphia, but her roommate at Wharton told me she was out.

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