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Introduction: 7. Having so many inside jokes that you practically speak your own language.


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Globules of tears run down my mascara lined face. I am hyperventilating. I cannot breathe. Jamie sits on the opposite side of our kitchen table, he too has tears rolling down his cheeks, bloodshot eyes, and that familiar furrow to his brow. Between us is a kitchen table full of debt. The lines of credit, the overdue bills, the overdraft notices we have accumulated since starting our business.

I think those like me with anxiety know that there is no way in hell we could survive a room full of people talking too much. I like the time limits, but sometimes it’s not quite possible to leave. So, you can take moments in the bathroom to go breathe or take well-being breaks. Instead of going out to smoke, you can go out to get air and take a moment to do an activity to calm down. I repeat affirmations to myself constantly and calm myself down using my stress ball, because while I’m calm on the outside, I’m inwardly a bubbling inferno. I despise being confined to spaces where I can’t leave. However, self-love and self-preservation means knowing when to say “I have to go” or knowing you need a break. It’s necessary and helpful to catch your breath, because it may give you the life you need to continue through a tough-ass party. Self-care is recognizing you need space and air. Take it — you deserve it and it could save you the pain of agonizing later.

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“Can you imagine that she didn’t call the hospital?” Dad mused. Yes, I can – because she wasn’t ready to deal with the news. Hysterical in the best of circumstances, Grandma Ethel broke down completely.

I remember one evening in the summer of 1980 (when I want to set my novel): It was a Saturday night, and I was broke and I had just tried to sell my silver ID bracelet for ready cash.