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She is getting some BBC while her parents are away



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Starring:Aenedleah Ainsley Al 

updated time:2021-09-21

Introduction: 24. Love-hating the assumptions people make about you as a result of associating you automatically with her.


22. When your parents would call for you, they would accidentally call out and go through every other siblings’ name before they got to yours.

22. Defending your sister’s honor if anyone dares to say anything rude about her because you’re the only one who’s allowed to make fun of her.

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I remember your apartment on East 43rd St and Linden Boulevard – my first home – and your corner chair, the better to see the TV you loved so much. I remember sleeping over all through childhood, and being there the night Jonathan was born, waking up to your sign, “It’s a Boy!”

If we shut down our business, our little sandwich shop/bakery that we have poured so much into, what will I have then? What will make me unique? I am disgusted by this revelation—this pathetic expose of Lindsay Rae Brown. The girl who craves the limelight.

Ari grieves the loss of her sister deeply, yet she resists visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed. She doesn’t believe it will give her a stress-free, relaxing vacation like the commercials claim. She doesn’t believe it will give her closure, either.