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Skinny Jeans Striptease



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Starring:Alwyn Arnett Alwyn 

updated time:2021-09-21

Introduction: All things considered, today went okay. I got my IRS refund and a paltry 5 from Travelers dental insurance – less than half what my caps cost. I had a good class discussion tonight and managed not to get really upset.


8 PM. I just spoke to Dad. He’s in Rockaway with Grandma and Mom. All the arrangements have been made. The funeral will be in Far Rock at Riverside, where Grandpa and I made final arrangements for Uncle Abe, and then they’ll go to the burial at Beth David in Elmont. Mom and Grandma will sit shiva at Marty’s in Oceanside and Dad will be home tonight.

Typing up Pac-Man Ate My Cat in my old familiar manuscript format last night, I felt that same sense of satisfaction I used to get upon finishing a story.

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2. Deciding that it’s time for one or both of you to start shaving her legs, and figuring out the hard way how to do it without drawing blood.

When the people who love you are the source of your pain, you learn how to forgive them but part of you is ready to move on without them. Part of you is ready to start a new chapter without any reminders of a painful past. You’re ready to welcome new people and new energies that show you a new side of yourself. A new side of life. A new side of the world where the people in your life don’t remind you of the tears you’ve cried or the sacrifices you had to make or all the times you suffered paying the price of their mistakes.

10. The fastest you’ve ever run was when your sibling would declare that they were going to take a shower at the same time as you.